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Am I the only one not liking the combat system? - reddit

kingdom come deliverance switch target King Charming Achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance: People love you everywhere you go - worth 15 GamerScore. Find guides to this achievement here.

How do you change targets when fighting multiple people

The target lock seems to switch over when you double click the right stick (Im using a 360 controller to play). I tried fighting 2 cumans and even after stomping the dude with the plate armor in the arena I got destroyed. Fighting multiple enemies is ridiculously hard in this game,

The awful switch target system kills the combat for me

press tab to lock onto a target and switch which target to lock onto. press shift to unlock on the target.

Videos of kingdom come deliverance switch target

Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There isnt an Auto Lock unless you press TAB. Lock is manual and only works by pressing TAB, if you want to switch target just move the mouse left or right depending where target is until it switches.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Combat Gameplay: Fighting 3

Whether you are playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, weve got the full list of Kingdom Come Deliverance Controls for you here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

Controls for Kingdom Come Deliverance - Kingdom Come

He said it in a condescending way, but he isnt wrong. Having the keyboard assigned to the targetting system and the mouse to the actual combat makes it so that no wonky s*** happens like trying to execute a combo and accidentally switching targets when trying to slash from the right or something.

Combat system against multiple enemies :: Kingdom Come

Below you can find the controls for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It should be mentioned that the PC version of the game can be played with a gamepad. It should be mentioned that the PC version of the game can be played with a gamepad.

PLEASE! Change the Lock On!.. Unlock target isnt working

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Controls (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

It worked when I first played and got into fights with multiple targets but lately it has stopped working all together. Clicking mouse 3 does unlock target and allows me to switch but its cumbersome, would prefer scrolling the mouse wheel to a click. Any work arounds _other_ than rekeying target switching in …

any way to turn off auto lock on in comat? :: Kingdom Come

kingdom come deliverance switch target On the PC, to disengage lockon during a fight - simply press Shift to turn direction and run, or press M3 (depressing the scroll wheel on the mouse) and you can free glance to focus on the new target.

Freelooking or switching targets when holding the middle

Switch targets with the mouse wheel if on PC. Also, you can unlock a target and fight freestyle as well.

More Responsive Targeting at Kingdom Come: Deliverance

kingdom come deliverance switch target It is random switching when you hold shift, you dont get to look at the exact target and you exit combat mode for a second. You cannot defend at that moment which also means your chance of getting tackled gets higher when you hold shift because you are running instead of …

How do you switch targets properly during combat

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